Azule Navarre is a boutique web design, development, hosting and marketing firm located on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida. We specialize in small businesses and non-profits who want a premiere web presence but have a limited budget. By combining all of the above services we save the client money and provide comprehensive services for very reasonable cost. We do not have fancy offices and expense accounts and advertising budgets. we have a home office and word of mouth for our client base.

Why Azule Navarre and the Kokopelli logo? When we started the firm years ago we lived in Navarre Florida, one of the gems of the area that has not been touched by overblown tourism. Shhhhhhhh, please don't let anyone know about Navarre, it is family friendly and Spring Break free and we want to keep it that way. This area of the Florida Panhandle is known as the Emerald Coast and Mary just thought it would be clever to focus on the blue of the water as well as the Emerald so she name the company Azule Navarre or Blue Navarre. The added "E" on Azule is creative license. 

As for Kokopelli as our logo, we have always been fascinated both by Native American Culture and the Trickster Lore. Kokopelli was the Hopi god of fertility and agriculture, a trickster god who also reigned over music. Legend has it he carried babies on his humped back and distributed them to the women of the tribe. He also chased away winter and brought in spring by playing his flute. We like to think that he embodies the kind of creativity and playfulness that go hand in hand with any kind of artistic endeavor.