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Mina Chojlla Group
Mina Chojlla Group

Mina Chojlla Group

Sector : Food
Country : Bolivia
Town : La Paz / El Alto
Loan Amount : $3,500
The “MINA CHOJLLA” communal bank is starting its 9th cycle in the Los Andes Focal Center. This communal bank has 12 members. Juana is the President of the governing board. The members have different businesses. Among them we have: neighborhood grocery store, chili and vegetable sales, shoe store, clothing sales, furniture sales, food sales, fruit sales and blanket weaving. The President, Juana, is a 49 year old woman. She’s married and has five children. This is her fifth year of working with communal banks running a business with her daughter. She sells juices and food in the Mina Chojlla area. She relates that she usually buys her ingredients at the 16 de Julio market (El Alto’s commercial zone). She will use the loan to buy rice, noodles and potatoes at wholesale (because it’s less expensive). When we asked her what she liked best about Pro Mujer she answered that she likes being with her friends, to relax and to pay.
Activity : Catering
Use : to buy rice, noodles and potatoes at wholesale.
Status : paid
Funded Amount : 3,500 USD
Loan ID : 287430
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La Asociación Comunal ”MINA CHOJLLA”, está iniciando su noveno ciclo en el Centro Focal de Los Andes. Esta asociación comunal cuenta con la participación de doce integrantes. La mesa directiva tiene como presidenta a la señora Juana. Los negocios de las señoras son diferentes, entre ellos tenemos Tienda de barrio, venta de ají y verduras, zapatería, venta de ropa, venta de muebles, venta d comida, venta de frutas, trenzado de mantas. La presidenta, la señora Juana es una mujer de 49 años es casada y tiene cinco hijos. Este es su quinto año que trabaja con asociaciones comunales, desarrollando un negocio conjuntamente con su hija. En la actualidad vende comida y jugos en la zona Mina Chojlla, ella cuenta que, generalmente los ingredientes para la preparación de sus comidas, los compra de la 16 de julio (zona comercial de El Alto); con el crédito que sacará comprara arroz, fideo y papa por mayor (porque es mas barato). Cuando le consultamos qué es lo que más le gusta de Pro Mujer ella respondió que le gusta estar con las amigas, distraerse y pagar.

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Repayment Schedule for Mina Chojlla Group ($3,500 USD)

June 2011$291.71$291.71
July 2011$291.71$583.42
July 2011$291.71$0
August 2011$291.72$583.43
August 2011$291.71$583.42
September 2011$291.71$875.13
September 2011$291.71$0
October 2011$291.71$582.89
October 2011$291.71Available October 01
October 2011$291.71Available October 01
November 2011$291.72Available November 01
November 2011$291.17Available November 01

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